4 tips to help you become the most influential blogger

Updated on: 7 February 2017

Every new blogger and indeed even professionals in other areas hold so dearly is the undying desire to become a top influencer in the blogging community. Yes, top influencers and bloggers earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing and ads in their posts. More to that, they command authority, trust, and their followers look to them for the final word in their areas of interest. How can you grow to such a level?

While this is not impossible, the fact is that there is no short cut! You must work your way through to the top. Here are some 4 crucial steps that will help you move to that position of authority and trust that you cherish so much.

Identify a niche of interest

One common thing with all top bloggers is that they are niche specific. Accordingly, you have to identify an industry of interest to make it easier to work with a specific audience. Being specific does not limit you from touching other areas. Indeed, you will often get bloggers in health, online marketing, and other areas talking about hot button issues, especially in current affairs and politics. Some of the areas you can venture into include weight management, photography, dentistry, or home décor among others. It is advisable to focus on an area that you have an authoritative background such as training.

Create enthralling and attractive content

In blogging, most of the things have to be expressed using written words. Here, you have to master the art of writing to pen factual content in an enthralling and attractive manner. Once the content becomes enthralling, the followers will easily attach to it, keep coming back for more, and share it with others. This way, the community will keep growing and will be a matter of time before reaching the apex of the blogging community.

Write content about the target audience

One mistake that you should always avoid is making the entire blogging idea about you. Instead, it should more about the target audience. Well, this does not mean you should not tell others about yourself. Many will come asking because they admire and take you as a role model. However, you should ensure to learn about the problems of the audience and craft posts that present them with workable solutions. For example, if you are in weight management, carry comprehensive research, join researchers, explore policies, and everything else you can get hold of to come up with a solution for cutting on weight. Followers will come attesting to the effectiveness of the solution you provided and attest your authority in the industry.

Engage with the audience at all times

Even as you work on top notch content, blogging requires that full-time connection with the target audience. The followers need to feel you through direct conversation in the blog, comments sections, and even in social media. Make sure to always reply requests, appreciate followers, and stay engaged at all times. Open your ears more, join discussions, post more content, and keep your followers as satisfied as possible.