5 signs that indicate you need to take video marketing beyond free platforms

Updated on: 13 August 2017

More marketers have come to appreciate the critical role played by video marketing in driving traffic and conversion. While YouTube help to jumpstart and elevate your marketing to the current status, is it time to go to the next level?

This post outlines 5 main signs that indicate it is time to look beyond YouTube.

You have a lot of videos uploaded that are becoming relatively difficult to manage

After working on a lot of videos for different campaigns and departments, managing them can be difficult. If you go to the video channel and cannot know the right way to group, locate associated videos, or organize them, it is time to shift to a different video platform. Also, if the videos have become very many to the extent that you require several YouTube accounts administrators, the effectiveness will start ebbing out. Well, do not simply wait for the video marketing effectiveness to start dwindling, look for a paid video marketing platform that offers better management through rich features and related plugins.

The video user experience is becoming too monotonous because of a single video player

Every marketer wants clients to have the best experience. If you establish that you only have a video player bearing the YouTube watermark while competitors have multiple players, it is time to move on. Check for a video platform that provides a variety of players, customizations, and skins that make clients get a better experience and keep coming back for more.

Publishing of private brand content

If you find that even after marking videos as private or unlisted, they are being published, it is time to upgrade to a paid platform. Unlisted videos are withheld from publishing so that you can release them in a timely way. Take time to look for a more effective platform that guarantees users of utmost protection of their content at all times. Consider confirming assurance of this concept before joining a new video marketing platform of choice.

Your content is seen as new during updates resulting to loss of views and likes

If you update a video and it is treated as new content, there is a risk of losing all the likes and views it had achieved. This can have a devastating effect because the views and likes determine its latter performance. Take time to look for a video marketing platform that allows users to make edits and updates without losing what they had achieved previously.

If YouTube videos are blocked by the targeted audience

If the audience or businesses that you are targeting with a video have blocked YouTube, your videos will not be accessed. The brand videos might also be blocked from a specific geographical region making it hard to market in the area. Instead of sitting back and watching the target audience slipping away to the competitors, look for a different and better platform to do your online marketing.