Are your “likes” in Facebook real?

Updated on: 21 January 2015

Nowadays, buying Facebook likes are really easy. You Google about “buy Facebook likes” and you will see hundreds of websites selling Facebook “likes”. It was speculated that these companies use bots to create thousands of Facebook accounts to “like” their clients’ page. This helps to massively increase the number of “likes” in their clients’ Facebook page.

How to check if your “likes” in Facebook are real?

The easiest way to check for Facebook “likes” is via this link:

Step 1) Paste your company Facebook page address to it.

check facebook likes

Step 2) Click the button below “Analysiere” to get the results

Facebook likes status

As you can see:

  • 70% “likes” are from Singapore as our main business is in Singapore.
  • 9.2% “likes” are from Indian as we have a team in India assisting our clients and students.
  • The rest are from other countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

What about your Facebook page?

Does Facebook “likes” affect SEO?

Fake Facebook “likes” do hurt your SEO as the post engagement will be minimum. Imagine if you share a post in Facebook and it reaches only the fake Facebook accounts, there will be no engagement at all.

See the video for a detail explanation:

YouTube video

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