After 6 weeks, Albert’s website is now at page 1 of Google search

Updated on: 22 January 2015

Albert attended our SEO course 6 weeks ago. Before that, his website was found on page 7 or page 8 of Google search. There was no leads at all. After applying what was taught in our SEO training, his website is now on page 1 of Google. He no longer worry about leads as his website is visible at page 1 of Google search.

Let’s hear what he says about our training program:

“I attended Alan’s course about 6 weeks ago. We were at about page 7 or page 8 for our keyword. After 6 weeks by applying what was taught in the class, we have manage to reach page 1. I really like to recommend Alan and his SEO course. He has a lot of patient in teaching and as well as a very clear and concise way of communicating the useful information.”
– Albert, Point-Of-Sales solution provider

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“I attended Impossible Marketing’s SEO course and I think its really useful. It give us insightful tips and its very actionable. Something that you can go home and do immediately. I highly recommend this course.”
– Albert 1st testimonial to Impossible Marketing

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