Best video marketing tools every digital marketer should use

Updated on: 27 July 2017

Video marketing has become the best approach to winning more clients in the digital world today because it carries your brand story and convinces target audience to buy a product/service. You can show the human side, take complex ideas to the audience, and create emotions necessary to trigger action from clients. However, crafting a perfect video is very different from penning a post or uploading an image. This fact has been a major stabling block preventing some brands from using video marketing.

However, you do not have to start a camera to make a great video because a lot of tools have been designed to help every marketer or brand manager come up with perfect videos to capture attention, engage, and make customers convert.

Here are top five video making tools that will help you make great videos.

YouTube Editor

This is a great tool used to help edit videos and perfect them. Unlike other tools that come at a cost, this tool is free because you will use YouTube to host and stream the videos. Using this tool, you can add transcripts and annotations that help the video enthralling. Also, the tool can be used to make trailers that run before your video to introduce and summarize what it is all about to the visitor.


Animoto is a market leader in generating great videos from photographs, music, and video clips. While it requires some practice to use, you will find it rather easy by following the tutorials. You can also include annotations and transcripts that will make your video outstanding.


If you liked a certain video or has a clip from a friend that you think can help to make a great video for your brand, Stoome is all you need to edit and perfect it. This tool has won the hearts of many people because they do not have to walk around with cameras and start afresh. With the tool, you can add anything from images, annotations, and even make trailers for introducing your videos to clients.


For people who want to take video marketing to a different level, one great way is using animations. This tool allows you to create doodle videos by hand drawing a story using a marker. While the tool is not the cheapest in the market, your video will be outstanding to take the message to clients and engage them.


GoAnimate helps marketers to make animated videos using characters of their choice. The tool has a lot of options, characters, and is easy to use especially when making short marketing videos. You can tell a story, include annotations, and even links to the videos to make them more compelling.

Common Craft

This tool provides users with a unique way to tell their story. The tool uses paper cutouts on a white board to map and tell your brand story. It is a great method to simplify complex ideas for your audience. Though it may look hard, you will find it very easy to use after some practice.