How Does Google View Repeated Content?

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How Does Google View Repeated Content?

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Having unique content for your web page or site is essential for Google. Your page ranking will significantly increase if you have fresh new ideas in your content with rich and useful points that would be very important and relevant to users and site visitors. Boost your site and improve your page SEO ranking in major search engines such as Google through learning the right methods and steps for a unique and fresh new content.

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Google Webmasters shed light to the importance of having rich contents for web pages and how to avoid duplication through answering the following query:

“In e-commerce, what can sites do to avoid duplicate contents which could be detected by Google particularly in cases when one site sells products with ingredients exactly the same as the product and ingredients of another e-commerce site?”

  • Take for example in sites where they sell and display food products with the same ingredient contained in other websites, there are certain exemptions to know. For instance, if you are listing vital ingredients and these are specifically short such as listing ingredients for dishes or meals, it would not become so much of an issue in terms of content duplication.
  • More problematic scenario is when you have other affiliate sites which contain the same paragraph or two of the product or ingredient list your site has.
  • It is imperative to ask what particular feature your site has which could make it rank higher than others when you technically have the same contents.

In order to get higher SEO ranking, you should:

  • Provide essential information in your web pages beside products contents so that it would is unique, fresh and different from other sites. Mostly importantly, it adds value to the users.
  • Be creative in making your web page different from other websites. Your page ranking results will highly depend on how rich and unique your contents are. It must also give Google crawlers the reason why your website must be on top of the list above other sites with similar contents and quality.
  • It is essential that you have a page with distinct features and components different from other affiliate pages no matter how similar the list may be.