How to perfect your keyword research on social media?

Updated on: 27 February 2018

To get results from social media marketing, it is prudent to perfect progressive keyword research and deep keyword analysis. Whether the target audience is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn, the efforts should commence with establishing the appropriate keywords to apply.

This post is an account of how to do keyword research on 3 main social media platforms.


One of the fastest methods of growing and connecting with potential clients online is videos. Despite the emergence of many video sharing sites, YouTube dominates in the search space and comes second to Google on search engines ranking. As a digital marketer (or SEO consultant), your goal on YouTube should be to establish how users search, types of queries being made, and making your content found.

To successfully conduct YouTube keyword research, you should use YouTube Suggest tool. This is a video marketing tool for keyword suggestion with an enhanced search function. You should also use YouTube Keyword tool which helps to mine and discover most popular queries on YouTube. The two tools allow you to get insights on the keywords search popularity on YouTube so that you can apply them to your brand video optimization in links, video description, tags, and video titles.


Twitter has become a powerful marketing platform because of its versatility and effectiveness in carrying messages to large audiences in a very short time. Because of the huge content generated at any minute, you can use Twitter hashtags to discover related tweets, relevant phrases and tweets. Because Google has recently started integrating Tweets in real-time, leveraging your keyword research will easily give your post or site extra visibility.

Some of the best sources for keyword research include that helps you get the latest and popular hashtags. You can also use Twitter Search that tracks the best trends so that you can get the feed of public conversations. As Twitter keeps growing in relevance and popularity, you should also consider using Trendistic to identify the trending keywords on Twitter, TweetScan to incorporate searches for accessing over 200 million tweets, and TwetBeep for alerts about tweets with your keyword.


Marketing your brand on Facebook is not as easy as with other networking sites such as Twitter. The biggest issue is that you cannot access the target clients’ profiles. However, a marketer can promote his business on group pages, fan pages, and use paid advertisements. Though Facebook used to have a feature for researching and marketing keywords called Facebook Lexicon, it was removed.

To do your keyword research on Facebook, you can use the upgraded internal search functionality. While you could only monitor the people you were connected with previously, the upgraded internal search allows a marketer to view links, messages, and notes of your followers on Facebook. In the same way that Google real-time search works, the Facebook search also updates automatically in real-time so that you can get new keywords opportunities. You can use this Facebook research information for targeted marketing.