Is it necessary for every page to have a meta description?

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Is it necessary for every page to have a meta description?

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Meta descriptions are vital elements of Search Engine Optimization. In order for sites to rank on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), there must be proper use of meta descriptions. There are also cases when you may find it quite confusing how and when to use a meta description for your page in order to ensure the best ranking in major search engines particularly Google.

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The following query in relation with the proper use of meta description will be answered by the experts in Google Webmaster:
“Is it necessary to have a unique meta description for each single page in your site?”

Here is what Matt Cutts says:

  • There is an emphasis on the usage of unique meta descriptions or no usage of meta descriptions. However, it is strongly advised not to have duplicate meta descriptions in your web page.
  • Although meta description is not necessary on every page, you may have highly important pages such as your site’s home page or those with high Return On Investments (ROI) where unique meta descriptions are of utmost relevance.

In order to enhance your Internet marketing campaign, you should:

  • Avoid using duplicate meta descriptions. This means not using a meta description over and over again in the same web page.
  • Take a look at only the significant pages such as your landing page or pages with your main product or services that offer high ROI. These are the sites which need an extra boost and using unique meta descriptions could certainly optimize the results.

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