June Team Bonding: IM Does The Running Man Challenge!

Updated on: 29 July 2019


Team Impossible is back at it again – this time round with our first Running Man challenge!

With all that pressure that comes with being in a fast-paced Digital Marketing Agency, we headed out to get a “breath of fresh air” around our lovely neighbourhood – and were more than ready to test our wits, reaction and ingenuity!

Here is a quick breakdown of the challenge:

  1. Whisper challenge
  2. Throw and catch the balls
  3. Reaction test
  4. Form the longest line
  5. The Flour Game

What does the winning team get? $300 worth of CapitaLand vouchers.

We got it all captured on video – catch all of us at our funniest, cheekiest moments and get a good giggle yourself!

YouTube video

Kudos to the planners for getting us out of the office – we all thoroughly enjoyed unleashing our competitive side and pitting against each other for a change! (DISCLAIMER: we aren’t actually like this when we work :p)

Just in case you are interested in joining our SEO course, we have just released dates in both August and October for anyone looking to get competitive – on Google this time!

For now, it’s time for us to “go back to the drawing board” – stay tuned for more exciting updates as we head towards the final quarter of the year!