Mark’s review on Alan Koh’s SEO training course

Updated on: 13 July 2016
Mark's review on Alan Koh's SEO training course
Photo of Mark taking video testimonial

Mark was sent down by his company to attend our SEO course. He was quite skeptical on SEO as he felt that Google algorithm keeps changing. Since it is a course fully sponsored, he proceeded to attend. 2 months later, his company website from nowhere to be found, to the 1st page of Google search.

Mark’s testimonial:

“I attended Alan’s class (SEO) about 2 months ago. Before the class, I was quite skeptical if the strategies really work. After attending his class, I applied his strategies. In less than 2 months, my website from nowhere to be found all the way to page number 1 (Google search). I think it’s quite impressive and it is better than my expectation. I highly recommend this class. Thank you!”

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Well done Mark!