Should I build links using article directories?

Updated on: 12 May 2014

YouTube video

A lot of bloggers and website owners have been linking their sites to article directories such as Ezine to get links for better SEO ranking. Questions regarding the effectiveness of linking sites to article directories have been circulating for many years. And Matt Cutts took the time to enlighten people about its effects on websites or pages.

Matt Cutts has also stressed out that article directories have somehow developed a bad reputation when it comes to link building and its effects on websites in general. But before proceeding to the highlights of this video, people should understand what article directories really are.

What is an Article Directory?

This is a kind of site where people can write a 400 to 500 page article about a specific topic-this includes: definitions, tips, how tos, benefits and disadvantages. And at the end of every article, the writer will include a short bio or description about himself. Although some articles are proven useful, some are mere reproductions of existing topics or articles. People who find such articles relevant may link the pages on their own websites as well.

The highlights of the video are:

  • Although some may create one or more inbound links, it is not a guarantee that your website will generate more visits by linking it with an article directory.
  • Contents are generally low in quality, so any relevant information is seldom acquired.
  • Such articles are full of spammy contents that may affect your rankings in a negative way.
  • Overall, Matt Cutts stressed that you can choose to use article directories, but he cannot call this strategy effective.
  • Matt cuts highlight that this strategy is not as effective compare to few years ago.

In order to get higher SEO ranking you should:

  • Create original and quality content. It would not hurt if you take the time to create amazingly informative content for your website. This would increase your rankings and would encourage more “surfers” to visit your site more often.
  • Write for your targeted readers not just for rankings. As long as you keep to your website’s theme, you are safe. You should make sure that your web content is directed towards your readers – and you can do this by writing relevant articles or blog posts.