Recommended Social Media Tools For Business Owners

Updated on: 18 May 2014


With billions of monthly active users on different social media networks, business owners cannot simply overlook the importance of social media for their online marketing strategy. For success of their online business and to build a long-term presence on the web, business owners should make an effective use of social media tools. Moreover, Social Media is an important factor to achieve better SEO ranking. This article would talk about few must-have social media tools for business owners. So, sit tight as we unfold these tools before you.


HootSuite is one of the best social media tools available for business owners on the web at the moment. It allows you to manage several social networks and profiles from one place through a dashboard, which can be done at very affordable price or even for free, but for that you will have to let go some of the premium features.

However, given the role of social media and its impact on our lives it might not be a bad idea to invest in something that could even payback pretty quickly as well. You can build metrics report with it and one of the best part is that you can schedule posts so as to when you’re not online, the post goes live without any delay. Lastly, the overall user interface is quite simple and self-explanatory. So, you won’t have to worry about managing things.

Facebook Pages App

Considering the fact that Facebook is one of the most popular social networks on the web, we assume that you already have a page for your business on it. Now, to manage your business’ Facebook page, the Facebook Pages App is a great tool. You can easily get notifications of new likes, messages, and comments as well as respond – all from one place and that too on the go. Since, it is only for Facebook Pages, you won’t get distracted due to your personal profile’s newsfeed and will be able to completely focus on your business.

Sprout Social

Our third entry, the Sprout Social is quite robust when it comes to being social. It can be your all-at-one-place social media solution. It gives you the flexibility to check your social networking activity as well as have detailed look into them by getting access to different reports, analytics and metrics. To make it more detail oriented, the guys behind this tool even made it compatible with Google Analytics as well. So, you can see the rate of engagement for your different social posts through dashboard and track the visitors and trends directly from your dashboard. This way you can form up an effective Social Media Marketing strategy.


And that concludes our list of top three must-have social media tools for business owners. So, attention business owners! You should definitely try these tools and then come to a decision as which one suits your requirements in the best manner.

Although, they are all great – a lot also depends upon your business’ size, social media presence (few networks, just one or all of them) and your personal preferences. Whatever you do, don’t leave social media alone if you’re determined to get success in your online business.