Should I Focus on Clarity or Jargon When Writing Content?

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Should I Focus on Clarity or Jargon When Writing Content?

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Web contents differ in so many ways. While some are written in a more understandable or basic manner, there are also some which were written using a more scientific or jargon based approach. As the debate between those who would like to read simpler contents versus the ones who would like to see a more technical and scientific article continues, Matt Cutts took the time to provide viewers about his take on clarity and simplicity versus the usage of jargons.

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Your web content may depend on your target readers. If you want ordinary and not so technical type of readers or users, then by all means make your content as simple and basic as possible. This does not mean that you write to the point that people will find it too simple and no value adding to them. Write in the most creative and understandable manner.
  • If you want to use the scientific and technical approach, be sure to make every bit of explanation as clear as possible. One thing that you should also ensure that if you will be using jargons; do not forget to back each up with a precise and accurate explanation.
  • Clarity is the best way to go. This is pretty much self-explanatory. Keep in mind that no one wants to spend time reading content that adds no value, more so, no one want to read contents that are running around in circles. Be direct to the point.

In order to get higher SEO rankings, you should:

  • Write clear and understandable contents. Also take note of your content spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Sound as conversational as possible to create a more polished writing.
  • Think about what your users are going to type when searching online (usually layman terms), this will help you create better web content.
  • Improve your attention to detail. You may have great intentions of educating your readers, but if you do not proof read your articles or posts, people will close your page and move on to the next on the search results list.

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