The hottest mobile marketing trends in 2016

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The hottest mobile marketing trends in 2016

The hottest mobile marketing trends in 2016

There’s no doubt that mobile phones have transformed life considerably. Living, working, playing and socializing is much different today than ever before because of the role the mobile phones have played in these aspects of life. Through the phones, users can now send emails as well as texts. Most modern phones today feature GPS navigation. Therefore, it’s little wonder that the phones have become great marketing tools.

The mobile phone is crucial in B2B marketing. All the changes that the mobile phone has inspired now have a bearing on B2B marketing. The B2B audience spends most of its time online using their mobile phones. The mobile phone has become a crucial tool for creating engaging and compelling content. The mobile provides 24/7 access to customers. A mobile phone is an effective tool for establishing and maintaining connections with customers.

So, what mobile marketing trends should you know in 2016?

Transformation from Customer-Centric to Customer-Obsession

Marketers have to find the right balance between all the online marketing strategies that they undertake using mobile phones. The interactions with clients have to be meaningful. Since customers carry the mobile phones everywhere they go, marketers feel compelled to send all manner of marketing messages every time. Consequently, they only make the customer feel pressurized. The customer has the ultimate decision on this matter.

Search engines no longer limited to displaying pages only

Today, it’s usual for the results of any question that you type on search engines to display pages alone. However, the trend is changing. For example, the results that you get on Google include videos. It is also wise to focus on video marketing. Experts in user experience and user interface continue with their work of learning how to integrate human emotions, movements, and gestures as part of the SEO organic search results.

Brands eradicating the lines between social, apps and e-commerce

Apps continue embracing greater innovation. No meaningful mobile phone can operate or be useful to the user if it doesn’t contain apps. In fact, it seems as if life itself now hinges on the apps. One trend to watch out for in 2016 is the seamless integration between apps and the corresponding e-commerce as well as social media platforms. This integration has forced marketers to create buttons that allow customers to buy and browse using their phones.

Apps being a True Reflection of lifestyle

Life has changed considerably because of many factors. The new and highly innovative apps that keep emerging are some of the factors that have changed the lifestyle of today’s customers. In 2016 and beyond, mobile apps will be more than individual features and functionality. The next group of apps will undergo the kind of transformation that makes them an integral part of life. Some of the next generation of apps could be able to communicate the values you hold dear via your lifestyle.

Finally, a modern business can’t continue operating yet it keeps ignoring the role of mobile marketing. More than 6.8 billion mobile phones are in the world today. Therefore, the mobile phone is effective at promoting the business. China and the United States are two of the countries with the largest number of mobile phones. Therefore, take advantage of the mobile phone to double or triple your marketing efforts.