Top 4 benefits entrepreneurs can benefit from social media platforms

Updated on: 1 May 2015

Social Media Benefits

Connectivity and networking; the two key elements beyond the inception of social media platforms, the essence of which has captivated billions of people worldwide and continues to win the hearts of many newcomers, but it has also paved the way towards success for the most shrewd, astute and visionary entrepreneurs. Businesses nowadays, whether online or with physical entity, no matter what the trade is, have a tough time outstanding the competition almost everywhere in the world because today’s market is a tough, rough and unpredictable one with more competitors than there have ever been.

Social Media platforms are proving to be extremely efficient tools in recent times, to provide that extra lift different forms of business that they require to beat their competitions. One might still be skeptical and unsure of how these websites can help entrepreneurs in any manner, to shed further light upon the subject, here are a few benefits that the modern day businessmen can gain from them:

Social media marketing to get customers

It may be the most obvious item in the list, yet its importance cannot be emphasized upon enough with mere words. Reinforced by the insurmountable amount of people that use social media platforms on a daily basis, they are certainly the most proficient tools in the marketing arena at the moment. Results from studies conducted upon the financial market show that social media marketing (SMM) is actually a better alternative to conventional forms of marketing such as radio and television advertisement and also, against other forms of Internet marketing; SMM also reaches out to more people and ensure better sales because it allows the user to interact with the advertisement and find out more about the product or the service.

It increases brand value

In some market nowadays, mostly those pertaining to online businesses, you are only as big and as reputed as the number of likes you have on your Facebook page. Today’s social media websites allow you to build a stable consumer base for your business and enables you to interact with them on a regular basis through posts, photos and videos. Such practices allow you to build a better bond with your consumer giving you great leverage over them while granting you reputation points.

Provides you with better customer demographics

Websites such as Twitter and Facebook provide you with a lot of useful information about the people who choose to follow your business online, such as their sex, age, location, certain preferences, etc. And by knowing such information about your audience base, you can remodel your products and services to match the needs and requirements of people of falling under your audience’s general niche.

Allows you to predict trends

By maintaining a social media presence, you shall most definitely remain updated about any trends or hypes that are circulating or have gone viral around the internet. The most successful entrepreneurs are always keen to capitalise on such trends, seize the opportunity to slightly refurbish their products and services to match the fad of the trend.