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The SEO Expert in Singapore – Alan Koh

SEO Expert, Alan Koh, receiving Spirit Of Enterprise (SOE) award in 2016

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term used to describe the process of optimizing a website (On-page and off-page) to rank on search engines like Google. This is especially important as Internet users will be more likely to visit a website that is positioned at the top of search results.

The increasing interest in SEO cannot be denied as seen by the high average monthly searches of “SEO Singapore”, at around 2,400. Instead of scouring through numerous search results to find a business that can to help you to rank on Google, here are some tips for you to quickly choose the best SEO expert in Singapore to meet your needs.

An SEO expert understands what Google wants for SEO

In order to best optimize your website, an SEO expert should be able to point out what they need to change in order to meet Google’s basic requirements.

Changes include (although it is not limited to):

Title tags: A title tag should only contain the main relevant keywords and not an entire list of keywords as this may result in the website being blacklisted by Google. The maximum character limit should be set at 60 characters. Each page should have a unique title tag.

Meta Description: A meta description should contain your most important keywords without keyword stuffing. The maximum character limit should be at most 160 characters. Additionally, meta descriptions should not be duplicated for different pages.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): LSI refers to keywords that are relevant to your main keywords, and are not just synonyms of it. For example, relevant keywords of “chocolate” will likely include “types of chocolate”, etc.

An SEO Expert understands On-Page and Off-Page SEO

In order to fully optimize your website for SEO, both On-Page and Off-Page SEO elements will have to be taken into account.

On-Page SEO involves optimizing SEO elements of your own website. Factors include optimized title and description, URL structure, internal links, fresh and original content.

Off-page SEO involves optimization done outside of your website. Factors include backlinks, social media links etc. Links should be directing traffic back to your website, creating a positive reputation.

Although both On-Page and Off-Page SEO are important, your SEO consultant’s first priority should be to optimize On-Page SEO elements before moving to Off-page SEO elements.

An SEO expert understands White-Hat and Black-Hat SEO

White-hat SEO is also known as ethical SEO, where the methods used to optimize the website abides by the search engines’ terms of services. This increases the chances of the website being able to rank on Google.

Black-hat SEO is then the opposite – using underhand techniques like keyword stuffing, unrelated keyword, and even invisible text. Such actions go against search engines’ guidelines and may even result in the website being banned by Google. There may then be a tremendous drop in traffic to your website, which may eventually affect your business.

A reputable SEO expert should apply legitimate SEO techniques (white-hat SEO) to optimize your website, as Google penalizes black-hat SEO techniques.

An SEO expert must be able to rank on his own website

An easy way of finding an SEO expert will be to check if he/ she is able to rank on Google for SEO related keywords. After all, one should be able to walk the talk if they wish to claim the title of an expert. A quick Google search will resolve any doubts you may have, as you will be able to judge the credibility of the business before engaging in its services.

An SEO expert knows the right keywords to grow your business in Singapore

An SEO expert should know how to use tools like Google Adwords Planner Tool to search for specific keywords to target instead of just a generic keyword. By doing so, you will be able to eliminate any unnecessary competition and increase your chances of ranking.

For example, an online flower delivery business should not just target the keyword “flower” as it will be way too general. It will be harder to rank as the business will have to compete with other businesses targeting unrelated keywords like “flower delivery Singapore”.

An SEO expert must be able to rank throughout all Google Updates

Updates include the Google Panda update that was first launched in 2011; aimed to rank the sites based on its quality. Following that, Google Penguin was first announced in 2012 to penalize websites that used black-hat SEO techniques. In 2013, Google Hummingbird was announced to judge the intent of a search user. The update then valued websites that answered queries directly instead of just providing a list of facts.

With every Google update, the specifications that Google look for when crawling through a website changes. An SEO expert should then be able to update your website to meet the new specifications.

An SEO expert is flooded with plenty of testimonials

An SEO expert should have positive testimonials that reflect his credibility and success rate. After all, there is little point in engaging the services of someone that is not reputable or has little experience.


Although there may be many SEO consultancies in Singapore, you should always try to identify a true SEO expert to help you. Instead of subpar results that may be achieved by an average consultancy, an SEO expert with more knowledge and experience in the SEO field will be able to achieve better results.

Alan Koh – The SEO Expert in Singapore

Alan presenting on SEO topic alongside Balazs Molnar (Head of Google Search Marketing, Southeast Asia) and Emily Huo (Head of Twitter Small-Medium Business Sales, Southeast Asia).

Alan Koh, the principal trainer/consultant of Impossible Marketing, has optimized and ranked on the #1 position of Google search results since July 2013.

Printscreen of Google search results in July 2013 for “Internet Marketing Singapore”
Printscreen of Google search results in July 2013 for “Online Marketing Singapore”

Results Don’t Lie!

Keywords Average Monthly Searches Google SEO Ranking
Internet Marketing Singapore 390 Number 1
Internet Marketing 590 Number 1*
Online Marketing Singapore 390 Number 1
Online Marketing 480 Number 1*
SEO Singapore 2400 Number 1
Singapore SEO 260 Number 1
SEO 3600 Number 1*
Search Engine Optimization 880 Number 1*
Search Engine Optimization Singapore 110 Number 1
SEO Services Singapore 590 Number 1
SEO Services 480 Number 1*

Try it out yourself and Google any of the above keywords (eg.” Internet Marketing Singapore”) and you will find us #1 in Google organic SEO search results (not paid advertisements).

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