Using Facebook Live to raise engagement with audience

Updated on: 2 June 2017

The pillar of online marketing today is social media. Facebook has more than 1.55 billion users and millions of people interacting on a daily basis. For Facebook marketers, this is a large pool of potential clientele to drive more traffic, conversion, and increase profit margin. However, many are the marketers who still perform sub-optimally on Facebook because they are not getting and maintaining the right engagements. One of the latest engagement features is Live Tool that allows users to use videos for their brands. While the Live Feature was first introduced for top brands and celebrities, it is now available to all accounts.

Why Facebook Live tool matters

Many online activities involve using content and images, and more people are likely to buy an item with a video than a similar item without. When Facebook Live is compared with others, more people take time on it to learn, understand friends, know about new brands, and stay connected with their brands of choice. This post outlines the best tips you can apply to get more engagement on Facebook Live.

Stretch the brand introduction

When using Facebook Live, the longer the introduction, the better. By stretching the introduction, people can notice every notification and ultimately click to watch the video. You can stretch the introduction by informing the viewers what they are going to read, ask a question, or even request for shares and likes.

Ask questions on the video

Unlike other videos such as YouTube, Live Video allows users to interact with viewers in real-time. Take advantage of this to talk and solidify your followers’ base. To get more engagement by asking question you can;

  • Provide a question and answers session at the end of the video.
  • Enquire about personal stories and experiences of the viewers.
  • Find out which areas that viewers struggle more and take note.
  • Enquire the best ideas for the net video.

Be as repetitive as possible

As a marketing application, you are interested in getting higher engagement and ultimately drive conversions. Just like high school essays required you to keep telling them what you have already told them, the same principle also applies very well with Facebook Live Video. By repeating the main points, it becomes easier to stress on the key points, the location of main resources, call to action, and another key thing that you want to emphasize. Explain to the viewers what the video is all about and need to keep watching.

Use names when relating with follower

Remember the thrill that comes with mentioning of your name on air after requesting a song on the radio? That is the same thrill that happens when you refer to followers by their names online. They will become more engaged to you, keep watching for longer, and even share the video link with others. This could raise your traffic within a very short time.

Join in the comment section

Once the viewers have watched the videos, you need to follow and respond to their comments to keep the conversation going on. More people will keep jumping into the conversation to feel part of you and the brand. With current mobile optimized websites, this is even easier because you can do it when relaxing on the bed at night, on the train, or even on holiday.