We are page 1 number 1 again – “SEO Training Singapore”

Updated on: 29 January 2015

2 months ago, we identify another keyword for our business growth – “SEO Training Singapore”.

Why this keyword?

  • This is an action keyword
  • It has an average of 140 people searching for it
  • Average cost per click is more than SGD $10
Keyword "SEO Training Singapore" has 140 average monthly search and cost $10.20 per click.
Keyword “SEO Training Singapore” has 140 average monthly searches and cost $10.20 per click.

So we decided to exercise our SEO skills and optimise this keyword.

Results Don’t Lie

2 months later, we are proud to share that we are at #1 of Google search for the keyword “SEO Training Singapore”.

We are ranked #1 in Google search for "SEO Training Singapore"
We are ranked #1 in Google search for “SEO Training Singapore”

Results Don’t Lie. Go ahead and Google about it.