Website Speed and Server Location Really Matters For SEO

Updated on: 12 February 2014

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As we are aware of, one of the most effective internet marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO has several aspects that have to be addressed in order to get and maintain higher rankings. Almost every other site has some really strong areas in SEO while it’s weak in others. Although, everything cannot be perfect, but eliminating risks and weaknesses is a great way to ensure maximum security and high success rate.

Often, major things like content, design and backlinks are addressed very properly but smaller things like backend technical setup, etc. can pretty much make things bad when it comes to SEO. No one has to ignore the major aspects of SEO but paying attention to little aspects like website speed and the server location could really matter. Let’s see how.

Why Your Site’s Speed is Important?

So, you must be wondering why even the speed of the site really matters. The logic behind that is quite simple and easy to understand. The aim of most of the search engines including Google is to improve the user experience day by day by providing the most relevant results from very high quality sites that focus on providing their visitors’ best experience. But, slower websites are not really good at that even if they have high quality content and very catchy design – it just isn’t enough. Besides, how many of us stay and wait for a website to load? No one does. Therefore, if a website is taking forever to get loaded most of the people don’t wait and move on to some other site. After all, there is no shortage of your competitors.

How does a Slow Speed Hurts My SEO?

This question is pretty much related to the first question we addressed. Keeping in mind the same logic that the search engines keep as a base of their policies for search engine rankings, we can easily deduce that slow sites are not really the apple of Google’s eyes and since they know that the site won’t load faster they could pretty much drop your rankings. It is important to note that a site’s speed can have a significant effect on the overall rankings, so it’s not something trivial that you should ignore it.

Unfortunately, if your site has slow loading time then it will take some time before it could recover and obviously improve the rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). But it is an important issue that should be addressed with proper care to scrape out the errors that are causing slow speed problems.

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The Best Way to Address This Issue?

Sometimes messing with your site to improve the speed can even result in creating more mess. The best way to solve such issue is to transfer your website on a faster server, which can make a huge difference, although you will have to bear few more dollars of high cost but in the end it can prove really worth it. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to check your page speed and get some recommendations from Google to improve it.

All in all, we know that flashy stuff like backlinks, content and the design of the site really matters and play huge role for SEO rankings but technical aspects like site speed are not something to ignore either.