What are some of the most common mistakes in web design?

Updated on: 26 November 2015

Normally, web designers try to do a splendid job. They endeavor to keep their work as professional as possible while creating the kind of websites and web application that please their clients. Customer satisfaction is often what the designers strive for in their work. Unfortunately, many designers have been unable to avoid making some of most common mistakes in web design, which include the following:

Back Button

It is common for web designers to disable the back button. No matter the reason or goal for disabling the back button, all that it accomplishes is annoying the viewer or visitor to the website thus convincing him to leave and move elsewhere. Web designers should keep away from this mistake.

New Windows

Opening new windows used to be a cool idea in the world of web design a few years ago. If a web designer were to employ the same tactic today, he would only end up annoying visitors to the website. Opening new windows slows computers down in addition to tying system resources and provides for a very poor customer or user experience.

Contact Information

It is wrong to run an e-commerce site where you sell products and not display contact information in a location where users or customers can access easily. Web designers ought to include the “Contact Us” link, which has all the contact details, on their websites. The link should have an email address, a mailing address as well as phone numbers.

Broken Links

Check that all the hyperlinks appearing on the website do not lead to “404 Error” messages upon clicking. “404 Error” is commonly known as pages that are not long accessible in your website. You can check for your website broken link at www.brokenlinkcheck.com. Test the site regularly to ensure that all links are functioning properly. Create a link at the footer where users can contact the webmaster in case a link or several links do not work properly.

Server Loading Time

Professional sites cannot afford slow server time or slow loading time. If the site has slow loading times, do not express dismay when users flee in their droves. If your site is for online shopping, remember that shoppers will give it only 4 seconds to load before walking away if it does not. If your server loading time is slow, this also affects your SEO ranking on your website.

Outdated Information/Content

Check that all the content in your website is fresh, interesting and relevant. Keep updating the content. Outdated content only makes you lose credibility. Keeping the content is only effective if it is accurate. Fix the errors that you come across in the content immediately, so that the site only has fresh and accurate content at all times.

Poor Navigation

The design of the website should enhance navigation. The Internet is all about speed. Easy and efficient navigation is what enhances speed. Visitors should be able to figure out the next place to go to or where to click next. Having to go back a page or two before finding information regarding where to go next would annoy visitors.

Colors and Font Styles

Simplicity is great where colors and font styles are concerned. Too many colors in addition to numerous font styles do not help make a site simple and uncomplicated. Creating a mishmash would only help frustrate visitors. At the maximum, try to restrict the font styles to 2 or 3. Do the same with the colors.

With that, please take note and avoid these common mistakes in web design.