Why your web design approach should revolve around colour?

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Why your web design approach should revolve around colour?


Appearance is crucial to websites. Visitors might choose to continue navigating through a website if they consider the appearance worth their time. You can never ignore appearance and focus on other attributes of the website such as layout, content, and images. Where appearance is concerned, your web designing project should never ignore colour, which plays a crucial role in convincing customers to continue browsing or move to a different, more appealing website.

So, why is colour important in successful web designing?

Emotional Resonance

Colour allows people to connect emotionally. A specific colour creates a particular emotional response towards it from people. For example, when somebody sees the colour blue, he is likely to feel confident, calm or sad. If he sees the colour yellow, such a person would most likely feel cautious, lighthearted or happy. The tendency to associate colours with specific emotions is hard to get away from, especially when words fail or incapable of expressing feelings properly.

Creates unique memories

Colours are the most effective for creating unique and memorable connections. With the correct choice of colour, a website will have no problem connecting with the readers or visitors. Colour can be such a powerful tool for marketing, especially when utilized correctly in web design. All colours that a designer chooses must not only be meaningful, but also purposeful. The choice of colour should be helpful in communicating a particular message properly.

Draws attention

Colours is most effective in capturing and retaining attention to a particular item, photo or text. This is because of the important role that colour plays in visual effects and graphics, without which the web design would probably not be as effective as it is. Moreover, colour is effective in setting the tone for any message that you want to pass to customers. Colour also guides the eyes to the places on the website where the designer wants to direct readers.

Marketing and brand recognition

Furthermore, colour is crucial in online marketing. More than 90 percent of online shoppers base their purchases on visual appeal or factors. The first 90 seconds that visitors view your website will determine whether they make purchases or not, thus the importance of convincing them using colour. Colour has the ability to improve brand recognition by as much as 80 percent. Buyers recognize their favorite brands using colour and logo.

Moreover, colour has also proved crucial in increasing the ability of customers to remember websites and brands. A website that features natural colours is more likely to remain in the minds of visitors longer. Customers are more likely to read or watch ads that are in colour by as much as 42 percent than if the ads were in black and white. Colour also improves readership by as much as 40 percent. It improves learning and comprehension by as much as 78% and 73% respectively.

Finally, the effectiveness of colour in increasing engagement and customer participation is worth mentioning as well. Customers are more likely to engage with brands whose websites are in natural colours and participate in promotions or ads that appear in colour.