5 best tools to improve website usability and customer experience

Updated on: 8 November 2017

When a visitor enters your landing page, the experience should be enthralling. The goal is helping the visitor get the info he/she was looking for easily, signup, buy services, and join your brand community.

However, many visitors express a lot of dissatisfaction because they get into a landing page and get stranded. Others indicate that they were redirected to sign up without getting the info they were looking for.

To improve your website usability and customer experience, here are 5 most useful tools to use.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is an app developed to give website owners visual demonstrations and full descriptions of clients’ behaviour on the site. The tool is intelligent in order to assist you to understand the behaviour of clients when they visit your page. Using Crazy Egg, you are able to track scroll maps for all visitors and get graphical presentations about parts of the site that clients go to first and others that are underperforming. Using the app, you can review the site layout, colours, and fonts.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytical tool for helping website owners know how various aspects of their sites are doing. The tool allows you to split test various aspects of the site such as posts and titles so that only the best are used in online marketing. Google Analytics uses the latest technologies to assess traffic, establish the source of traffic, and suggest methods of improvement. It also helps you to review the performance of various aspects of your website such as posts and marketing campaigns in order to establish whether everything is progressing well.


After visiting your page, how does your audience talk about it? Klout is a special app that helps to track all online activities in social media and organic searches about your brand to establish how others are talking about it. You will be able to know how many people are talking about your brand, their locations, and what they said among other things to establish whether they enjoyed browsing your page, or the product they bought. This allows you to review areas that people do not like and redefine them according to customer requirements.

Click Take

This is an intelligent tool that uses heat maps to follow visitors’ mouse movements and computes them into actionable data. The tool makes it easy to understand clients’ behaviour in different seasons, time of the day and geographical locations among other parameters. It also converts the review into a video to deliver a more comprehensive report about visitors’ interaction with the website. The main disadvantage of this page is that it generates a lot of info that can present a great challenge to go through.


This is a special tool that utilizes the latest technology to analyze your site and compare it with competitors. Whether your website is underperforming because the layout is poor, images are wrongly done, or posts are not appealing, this app will be able to note and suggest changes. By comparing every aspect of the website with top performers in your industry, it will be easy to tell what others are doing differently and change appropriately to outdo them.