April private SEO class

Updated on: 20 April 2015

We are extremely honoured to conduct a private SEO training for our students in April.
With maximum engagement, we hope their websites will be ranked at the top of Google very soon.


Their testimonials after our training:

“It is a misperception that one have that the internet is full of information. And no, not all the information are available on the internet.  I have spent I don’t even remember how long, trying to figure about SEO.  All the information I come across tells me it is important but none have come close to letting me know how exactly to do it.

I’m glad I have attended the course.  Alan has brilliantly managed to break down the steps into bite-size, easy to digest methods with all the helpline needed to proceed further.  No questions were left unanswered during the class and I’m grateful for the openness approach he have adopted. ”
– Lena

“Alan course really suit everyone who want to build your own business website and bringing it to the top of the Google page. With the in-class practically lesson. Everything is hand on, no “BS” theory which one can read from book. With the skill I gonna in class, I confidence in building my own website to bring it up to page 1.”
– Jason Pang

“In these 2 days I learn a lot on how to build my website to rank better. Alan is really really a good teacher. I really benefit a lot from this course.”
– Kingsley

“Although the result isn’t overnight, but I believe it will work out well – because everything taught in the course is achievable, not just about step 1 to step N.”
– Jia Yi