Best Practices for Online Businesses in 2015

Updated on: 21 April 2015


2015 is probably the best time for entrepreneurs when it comes to offering opportunities for financial growth; however, this is also one of the times with the most competitive and challenging market that the business world have ever experienced. With all the technological advancements and socio-economical improvements that have taken place globally, anyone can startup an online business nowadays.

Here are a few ways that the most successful entrepreneurs used while pursuing their online businesses:

Proper utilisation of Social Media Marketing

More than 2 Billion people are connected through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. and these numbers make social media websites is one of the most lucrative platforms for Internet marketing at the moment. Take the example of Peter Rojas, the founder of, a website that provides technology and consumer electronics news, reviews and deals, launched in 2002, the website gained immense popularity within a very short time, which was all because of Peter’s innovation of smart marketing techniques improvising social media marketing platforms. And Peter isn’t the only one who has done it recent times, a lot of other successful entrepreneurs have utilised social media platforms smartly and taken their businesses to great, respectable heights.

Crowdsourcing feedbacks and listening to your customers

A blessing of modern day quality information technology is the ease of connectivity with the mass. Social media platforms, email mailing services and software, forums, etc. can now be used to receive feedbacks about your products and services from your customers. It is imperative for all entrepreneurs to keep on receiving constant feedbacks from consumers about the organisation’s products and services and it is necessary for them to keep on evolving and improving according to the customer’s needs and demands. This is one of the key elements of success for any entrepreneur in the 21st century.

A great, SEO optimized website:

Although it might seem like the simplest one on the list, its importance and uniqueness cannot be emphasized upon enough only with words; a great website is probably the most difficult thing to achieve on this list. It’s true that you can always hire a professional web developer to build the website, but mind you, most successful entrepreneurs learn web development, even if they hire a developer to do the job because then, you will have the option to constantly re-modify and make changes on your website, enable you to experiment with it until you find the perfect match for your audience’s needs and requirement.

Beside a great website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another key element of success for any online business in recent times. This prominent form of Internet marketing ensures that your website’s pages are ranked higher on search engines every time a user searches for something that matches the content in your website and like web development, you can learn SEO or hire professionals to do it.