Best practices for B2B AdWords Marketing Campaigns

Updated on: 6 October 2017

For most businesses in B2B organizations in competitive markets, the most difficult marketing campaign to manage is perhaps Google AdWords (commonly known as Search Engine Marketing). The search volume is low, and yet the competition is high. This makes the Cost Per Click (CPC) expensive. However, rather than burn cash on ineffective and expensive ads, we have listed down the following AdWords online marketing strategies that are easy to implement and highly efficient.

Commence with negative keywords to prepare exclusion lists

Picking the keywords that work best for your case is perhaps the most important thing when running any advertising campaign. Find out which keywords triggered various ads. You can do this by using the Search Term Report and trimming the content you do not need using negative keywords. The main focus should be trained on two key things;

  • Irrelevant searches: You have to establish whether a search is in any way related to your brand. Based on the respective keywords, you need to clear searches resulting from pop culture, synonyms, and misspellings.
  • Unspecific traffic: The second most important list for exclusion includes those people who are not interested in buying your products. These are searches related to job seekers, online learners, review seekers, and budget hunters.

With negative search queries, all searches with identified keywords will not be shown. For example, if your negative keyword is “cheap restaurant”, the ad will not show for any search for a cheap restaurant. However, it will be shown to searches such as a restaurant. When implementing the negative search strategy, it is important to target those searches with the term buy.

Put more effort on strategic remarketing

Remarketing can be very rewarding for your AdWords campaigns when it is done appropriately because the target audience already knows the brand. To make your B2B retargeting effective, the main focus should center on the value you will deliver. Make sure to capture the value proposition mainly based on where the user dropped off.

In particular, you should focus on those people who abandoned the shopping cart. By reaching them with a discount or coupon codes, they are likely to convert this time. Notably, targeting clients who dropped before completing the purchase within 60 days will deliver better results.

Win higher click-through rates using extensions

To get more click-through rates and Ad quality score, simply ad extensions to your ads. Extensions are special snippets that are tacked onto ads to generate a better selling proposition. If targeting competitors, you can include the extension site links that point to their comparison page. This way, most of the keywords used by the competitor will be on your site which will raise the overall score of your ad. This is a great way to tell clients why you are indeed better than the competitors.