Check Out Singtel’s Latest Video On Our Shoptiq Course!

Updated on: 29 August 2019

Setting up your very own online business has never been easier with Singtel’s Shoptiq!

Have you checked out Singtel’s latest video showing the behind-the-scenes of a step-by-step, 3-hour session with our trainer, Jabez?

If you don’t already know, our Digital Marketing Agency has been selected as the exclusive training partner of this up-and-coming e-commerce platform – and now we have proof of why Shoptiq’s ecosystem and network of partners is ideal for anyone looking to build their brand’s online presence!

Hear from our students about what they think about the course, as well as the perks of using the Shoptiq platform to get started – it literally takes less than a day to get your store LIVE!

The best part about Shoptiq is that there is no need to pay for a website developer to design a stunning website – with plenty of customizable options and a comprehensive list of tools, including access to marketplaces like Lazada – Shoptiq allows you to scale your business and manage everything in the comfort of your home! Play by your strengths, and let Shoptiq handle the rest.

If you don’t want to miss out on this amazing platform and opportunity – we currently still have slots available in September for all budding entrepreneurs to start their journey! Singtel will also be providing our students with plenty of after course support!

Even if you are just a work in progress, there is plenty of room to gain market share and still make dollars doing what you love and are passionate about.

There is nothing to lose, sign up for the FREE course here: 

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