Do you make these mistakes in your online marketing campaigns?

Updated on: 11 November 2015

Online marketing holds significant power in today’s business climate. It has become a central hub of information for personal and professional use. Most people have a general idea how online marketing works. However, only a few have a complete understanding of the overall elements of online marketing. The worst thing you could do in your online marketing is to make any of these mistakes you are about to read. These serious mistakes are often made by beginners and even some marketing gurus. So here are some of the blunders that could be killing your digital marketing efforts.

Are you keeping an eye on the competition?

If you do not know precisely what your competitors are doing, you are doing more harm than good to your business. If you are not learning from competitors, you might as well close the business. Your business can only succeed when you learn from your competitors. If you are not keeping an eye on their tactics and strategies at all times, you might be missing something big.

Are you trying to impress everyone?

Trying to appeal to everyone is the single biggest mistake you can commit in your digital marketing campaign. Since we always want to make the most cash, common sense tells us that the more people that view our products or services, the higher chances we have of making a sale. In other words, as more people view our offer in a specific niche, the chances of making a sale is also increased. This notion couldn’t be further from the truth. As an online marketer, you need to focus on the right audience – those who will be interested in your offer. Then you need to formulate a marketing message that would appeal to that specific audience.

Do you lack focus on the things that really matter?

This means not selling what you are actually selling. When you promote a product, you have to stick to your target market. Most customers care less about where the product comes from or how it is made. They simply want the end results. Talking only about the technical details like the design, features, etc. does very little to win over your potential customers because they care less. Focus on the benefits of the products, otherwise your marketing message will lack in appeal.

How often do you post in your social media channels?

Doing social media marketing by posting only once a week is not enough to stay on the minds of your target market. You need to provide them with relevant and quality content that meets their interests on a regular basis. Post content that they can identify with instead of bombarding them with irrelevant ads.

Do you lack creativity?

You have to understand that competition is tough. It is not easy to survive. That is why you need to go beyond the norm. Be creative. Grab the attention of your target audience through motivation, humour, etc. You can also give them an offer – an offer that they can’t resist. Let them ask any question they may have and surprise them with something they haven’t seen or heard of before.