Free Online Tools to Promote Your Business

Updated on: 19 November 2015

You will concur with me that the success of a small business is largely dependent on the marketing initiatives one undertakes online. Gone are the days when the use of fliers, posters, newspaper ads and word of mouth were an effective means of advertising. Online marketing is the Holy Grail and every entrepreneur needs to utilize every available tool at their disposal to ensure that they achieve a competitive edge and short and long-term business objectives. Utilizing free online tools to effectively promote your business could be all that you need to take your business to the next level. But what are these free tools and how instrumental are they?

Facebook pages

The largest social media network Facebook has offered many small and large businesses alike an opportunity to advertise and promote their businesses for free through the use of business pages or fan pages. These pages are created for free and give a business the opportunity to post information about the products and services they are selling, the business address, the contact numbers and even how to order for the said products and services. A business also gets to post pictures of the products they are selling through Facebook to enhance further exposure of the same.


Blog pages offer businesses an opportunity to create search engine optimized content on the products and services they offer their customers. It accords a business an opportunity to churn out high-quality content that effectively communicates what the product or service is all about, how beneficial it is and why a customer would be better off going for that product or service. Consequently, through blog pages, a business owner is able to interact with existing and potential customers through the comments section.

Google places

Google places enable businesses to list on Google useful information about their businesses. It’s akin to yellow pages only that it’s accessible online. By listing online, a business is able to be easily found when prospective customers search for their businesses online. Basically, a business can post information on the exact opening and closing hours, the business address as well as their contact numbers.


Effective use of banners requires collaboration with other businesses. You can, for instance, enter into a business agreement to have your business counterparts showcase your banners on their websites. By making custom made banners complete with your business name and website URL, you can be able to increase traffic, online visibility as well as conversions. To maximize the use of the banner and potential visibility for your business, ensure that they have clicked through links which direct customers to your website upon being clicked.

EBay and classified ads

EBay and classified ads make it possible for a business to promote their business and only post relevant information about their products. It’s a great avenue for a business to post information about their products accompanied with quality photos to help entice customers into buying their products. On a positive note, prospective customers also get an opportunity to improve conversions if the quality of the photos of the products they are selling is top notch.