HO HO HO! Have A Jolly Christmas With Impossible Marketing!

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HO HO HO! Have A Jolly Christmas With Impossible Marketing!

HO HO HO! Have A Jolly Christmas With Impossible Marketing!

’Tis the season to be jolly. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! When you hear this song, you know it is the time of the year for present exchanges, decadence, and joyful singing.

As mentioned in our previous article, we not only put up Christmas decorations in our office but also organised a Christmas team bonding session that was significantly different from last year’s. Let us take you along Orchard, where we took the entire digital marketing agency to a unique Christmas celebration!

We kicked off the day with an amazing race that brought us through Orchard Central, Somerset 313, and Orchard Gateway. Throughout the 90-minute race, the five teams were given a total of eight quests to complete, with each quest garnering varying points.

Sneak Peek of team snowman
Sneak Peek of team reindeer

Sneak Peek of team santarina

Sneak Peek of team santa claus 1

Sneak Peek of team santa claus 2

Teams were given the opportunity to text our game hosts, Alan and Serene, should they get stuck in any quests.

Judges for the day

However, three points will be deducted from the overall point for each hint they were given. Here are some of the places within the three venues where the quests took the teams.

Just when you might think that it is over, it is not. The thing was that the amazing race was not even the main event. It was just a warm-up activity that led up to the highlight of the entire day. However, before we could begin the main event, we had to tabulate the scores and play some mini-games to determine the advantage of the main event.

After that segment was over, the teams were told of the main event, which was a MasterChef competition. The winning team had the advantage of having the priority of choosing from the list of cuisines to prepare: Thai, Korean, Japanese, Western, and local delights.

The MasterChef competition was hosted at Pots & Pans Culinary Studio. Each team was given 90 minutes and a $30 budget to cook a 3-course meal for two. The atmosphere in the kitchen was truly similar to the MasterChef competition as the teams rushed around the kitchen, grabbing the tools they needed as well as washing and cutting the ingredients they got.

Thai: Tom yum soup, Pineapple fried rice, and Mango sticky rice
Korean: Soybean sprout side dish, Japchae, and Assorted fruits mocktail
Japanese: Japanese rolled omelette, Teriyaki salmon, and Pancake
Western: Clam soup, Seafood aglio olio, and Assorted fruits yoghurt
Local delights: Sichuan cucumber salad and okra, Seafood egg fried rice, and Fried mantou with condensed milk

In between the given cooking time, there were mini-games as well as giving of secret ingredients that the teams had to incorporate into their dishes, which were okras. Overall, the results were great, and everybody enjoyed their time, especially the delicious spread.

How can you say you celebrated Christmas if you forget about one of the key elements of the festival – PRESENTS! This year’s presents were no different from the years before, only bigger and better. The presents were given out using a hand crank lucky ball machine.

From Nintendo Switch Lite and waffle maker to Nespresso coffee machine and tabletop grill and hotpot set, the gifts were prepared with lots of heart.

It was indeed a time of appreciation and gratitude for the hard work the teams have put into the year. It was also heartwarming to see the smiles on their face as they unwrapped their gifts.

This year has been a fulfilling one for Impossible Marketing, from attending events such as Chinese New Year and IMDA Partners Appreciation to hosting a workshop for TheSmartLocal and attending a celebratory event hosted by ExtraOrdinary People. We look forward to 2024 as we take on bigger clients and projects, providing quality digital marketing services to our clients.

HO HO HO! Have A Jolly Christmas With Impossible Marketing!

Till then, from Impossible Marketing, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!