How Does Google Use Percolator, Dremel and Pregel?

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How Does Google Use Percolator, Dremel and Pregel?

YouTube video

This SEO video discusses the differences between Percolator, Dremel and Pregel as well as gives insights as to the unique personalities of each tool. Matt Cutts provided examples and simple representations to clearly let people understand the technical question: “How does Google use Percolator, Dremel and Pregel?”

As part of the video highlights, Matt Cutts talks about the following terms as they are incorporated in the use of Google:


  • Also known as Google Caffeine is this overall system that is used by Google to manage the whole system of their structured data well.
  • This tool indexes web contents in batches.
  • Percolator took the old Google batch indexing and transformed it into an incremental processing of index continuously and updated without having to undergo the process from scratch. It uses distributed data transactions and information notifications.
  • Percolator is made to decrease latency.


  • It is a tool to do fast analysis extraction from huge amounts of data presented from a very large database.
  • This tool lets you play and interact with the database.
  • Like MySQL, Dremel is also a database which is much bigger than the first. It allows Google users to access the web and make quick queries.


  • It is a tool that deals with problems related to graph. It allows Google users to compute large scale graph problems.
  • It quickly calculates the characteristic of a page link and the connection of people as they use or access the web.

To improve your online marketing campaign, you should:

  • Learn and understand the different Google guidelines and tools including the proper use of Percolators, Pregel and Dremel in boosting the quality and visibility of your web page. These tools will significantly help your site go up the search results chart.
  • Google utilizes a wide range of tools to upgrade their algorithms in a regular basis in order to ensure quality search results. However, always stay focus on the fundamental of SEO which is quality contents that add value to your readers and also building quality links to your website.