Impossible Marketing Has Been Awarded The S7 License From GSR

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Impossible Marketing Has Been Awarded The S7 License From GSR

Impossible Marketing Has Been Awarded The S7 License From GSR

Impossible Marketing Has Been Awarded The S7 License From GSR

Impossible Marketing has been proudly awarded the S7 license from Government Supplier Registration (GSR) – this means that we are now recognised by the Government for our expertise and credibility, and can tender for contracts worth up to S$5 million!

What is GSR?

GSR is a license that will enable approved and recognised companies to tender for the supply of goods or services to public sectors such as Government departments, establishments, Statutory Boards, and other public sector corporations. Such business includes Food & Beverages, Transportations, Consultancy Services, and Security Services.

The GSR ensures that businesses also adhere to the principles of government procurement policies. These principles include:

  • Open and Fair Competition: All vendors are treated on the same playing field, encouraging a fair and honest yet competitive environment.
  • Transparency: All government procurement standards, procedures, and requirements are let known publicly on the Government Electronic Business portal (GeBIZ).
  • Value-for-money: The balance of costs and benefits. It is not always the lowest price offer that wins the tender.

While not every tender contract requires the need for a GSR recognised status, it is an added bonus, especially when the proposed contracts released on the GeBIZ states that it is a mandatory requirement.

The GSR is split into nine different grades of licensing from S2 to S10, with each being able to tender for a contract of a particular value. With an S7 licensing grade, Impossible Marketing can now tender for contracts up to S$5 million. This is a step up for us as a vendor, as this means we can provide our service to more extensive government campaigns, increasing our pool of clients.


So, what can future clients expect with this new licensing? Unless you are a Government related company or business, it does not affect you as much. However, you can now expect the assurance that Impossible Marketing is recognised for our expertise and credibility. As long as your business is registered and is operating in Singapore, you can still benefit from our range of digital marketing services and attractive SEO packages!

Enterprise Singapore (ESG) has pre-scoped our digital marketing services and have approved us as a vendor for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Digital Marketing Grant. As a pre-approved vendor, eligible businesses can now get up to 50% support off their digital marketing costs with us!

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