Internet Marketing Course 25th to 27th April

Updated on: 2 May 2014


Our graduate batch from April course. They are ready to do online marketing and dominate Google with their SEO skills.

Our cosy office for better learning

Keeping the class size to a maximum size of 10 for efficient learning.

During lunch time

Where is everybody?
Everyone is rushing down to our level 1 office to de-stress = EAT EAT EAT!!

Video testimonials

“Explanation is very clear even though Im not an IT expert. I recommend this course.”
Magdalene, keen to start Internet business

YouTube video

“I definitely encourage anyone who is serious about their business to come to this course.”
Ramdzan, Managing Director of Dymenz.

YouTube video

Written testimonials

“Alan course is highly practical, relevant & comprehensive.”
Say Piu, Professional educator



“Thank you for sharing your learnings and insights into ranking #1 in Google Search. It would have taken me years.”
Zeena, Multiple business owner


“Useful course. Genuine trainer and assistants. No cross-selling.”
Venga, Keen to start Internet business

Venga testimonial

“Alan is knowledgeable, motivating and willingly to share his successful secrets during the course.”
Yingying, Business owner