How Does Google Evaluate Algorithmic Changes?

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How Does Google Evaluate Algorithmic Changes?

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It really does not matter whether you are new to the e-commerce industry or a veteran blogger or online business owner, if your site does not generate web traffic, you would not get that “exposure” that you want. People tend to check sites based on the results or list that Google search generates. And unless you have patrons or loyal subscribers that do not need to use a search engine to visit your site, you really need to make sure that your page will go up the SEO page rankings. Rankings are determined or measured through the use of algorithms. Google Search Spam’s Matt Cutts answers the question with regard to the way Google evaluates its algorithmic changes.

Video Highlights:

Google has a web spam team composed of quality raters to validate and evaluate search result algorithmic changes:

  • Raters compare feedback and previous rating to check if there is an increase in the number of “good” pages versus the ones that are considered “bad” and low ranking pages.
  • Experiments are done on a regular basis to see which algorithm produces the best search results. The team will have both the new and the old algorithm run at the same time, and based on the results generated by each, the team will evaluate which produced results with the highest quality.
  • The use of human judgment is another method that Google uses to generate top notch search results. Matt says, “Nothing replaces your judgment and the judgment of the quality launch committee.”This means that Google also relies on the raters’ feedback and judgment.
  • Processes may be revised based on the outcome of the experiments. Alterations and improvements are also done based on search trends and user behavior.

In order to get higher SEO rankings, you should:

  • Create high quality content. Remember that the key to getting a higher SEO ranking is to produce and offer good page content. You can use keywords to increase changes of a higher page ranking but remember not to use too much of it.  Mind your keyword density.
  • Quality back links should be created. These are links that are found in other reputable websites that connect to your own. Be sure to connect with sites that have higher rankings than yours, this will increase your chances of improving your own rankings in the end.
  • Social media is a good thing. It has been proven over and over; never underestimate the power of social media. The wider and the better your connections are, the higher your page will be ranked.