How To Choose The Right Keyword For Your Content?

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How To Choose The Right Keyword For Your Content?


Keywords play a very important role in optimizing your site for search engines. By using the right keywords that are effective in attracting the attention of search engines, you gain more traffic to your website. With the appropriate keywords that target the select audience, the conversion rates are much higher. Here are some suggestions to help you get started on your online marketing keyword strategy.

Listing Leads The Way

The first step would be to write down a list of keywords that are associated with your business. While at it, analyze if your keywords represent:

  • The nature of your business
  • Products or services you are providing
  • Needs of the target audience
  • Information provided in your site

Most important of all, you need to ensure that the keywords are not just mere crowd pullers but that your site has sufficient or more information to justify usage of the winner keywords.

Know Where You Are 

Once you have the list of keywords, check how your site has been performing until now. Enter your URL and analyze your SEO rankings. Start to create quality rich content and back links to enjoy better SEO results.

In The User’s Shoes To Reach Your Goal

Put yourself in the user’s shoes if you would like to hit the right keyword. Assume yourself as a buyer of the product you sell and consider how you would go about searching in Google. Whatever keyword comes spontaneously to your mind is definitely worth a check. Key in this keyword to Google AdWords Keyword Tool to ensure that there are search volume for that keyword.

Enter The Competitors’ Camp

Well, not literally. However, you need to do some spying if you want to know why someone is doing better than you are. You are in a competitive world and being unaware of the actions in the other camp will do you no good. Some of the free tools that would help in your task include:

These tools help you a lot. However, it would be best not to overdo the act. Once you have some data, use them to test their performance and then keep moving ahead.

Hit Your Target With Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords help you to target the audience who has been looking for your products or services. A phrase that has three to five words is a long tail keyword. These keywords help to refine search and have a sharp focus on the target. While the keywords ‘real estate’ and ‘acne’ are short, ‘real estate in Singapore’ and ‘home remedies for acne’ are long tail keywords. If a user types ‘real estate’, he could be looking for real estate in any part of the world. On the contrary, if he types ‘real estate in Singapore’, he is your target audience and you stand a good chance of closing the deal. If a user types ‘acne’, he may be looking for what acne is or about the surgical remedies for acne. On the contrary, if he types ‘home remedies for acne’, you can be sure that he is the man you are after. It is obvious that these long tail keywords are more specific and hence the conversion rates are sure to go up.

Right Word At The Right Place

Once you have the right keywords that would produce magic for you, it is important that you use them at the right places with right strategies to ensure SEO success.