More testimonials from our September graduate students

Updated on: 12 October 2015

More testimonials from our September graduate students

Got a few more testimonials from our September batch of students. They are too shy to give us a video testimonials and thus sending us an email testimonials. Nevertheless, we really appreciate them for their testimonials.

Here it goes:

“To me, SEO is a complicated subject but Alan has managed to teach this subject in a way that it is very easy to understand, even for someone with little or no knowledge on SEO like myself. Throughout the SEO course, Alan was very friendly and he was very patient in helping us to understand the core topics and also to answer all the questions that we have. If you are serious on learning SEO, Alan is the best person to go to!”
– Wei Hong

Alan’s course was comprehensive and insightful. He starts off from the basics of Internet marketing and moves into the more intricate details. He is open to sharing his ideas and strategies, and tries his best to assist all his participants. I would encourage anyone who is considering, to come for his training and receive his mentorship, except my competitors, of course ; ) Thanks Alan!”
– Tony Chee

“I would like to thank Alan Koh for delivering an interesting SEO certification course. He has provided a very informative and useful insights with tips using available tools to build our ranking in Google that could possibly convert into potential leads eventually. His practical course has easy to follow steps that student of any expertise and backgrounds are able to follow without much technical problem. The case studies have greatly help student to better grasp their understanding, putting what they have learnt during the lesson to practice. I would truly encourage anyone who are interested to find out more about SEO and/or who wants to improve their ranking in Google to increase their potential leads, to sign up with Alan Koh’s SEO certification course.”
– Martin