September SEO certification course graduate students

Updated on: 9 October 2015

We are very happy to see our latest batch of SEO graduate students. It was a long week for us, but it’s 100% worth it.

September weekday SEO class


September weekend SEO class



Let’s take a look at some of their testimonials:

“I decided to get serious with online marketing, so he (Alan) was the right choice. When you talk about SEO in Singapore, he comes out rank #1 so there is no better testimonial to it. Going through his class, it’s really true to that. It’s 95% practical, very actionable, step by step as all material is printed out so that when you go back, you won’t get lost. He is very knowledgable and he has answers for all your questions.”
– Adam, emcee in Singapore

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“2 days class is really useful and I make a lot of new friends. I learn a lot and I strongly recommend everyone to join Alan’s class.”
– YC, business owners

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“For anyone who wants to know more about search engine optimization, I strongly recommend this course. It allows you to see the overall of SEO and how it works. 2 thumbs up.” 
– Andrew, marketing executive

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The course is really useful but slightly overwhelming for me and I need some time to digest. Alan is very willing to teach and very updated with his knowledge.
– Kiat Lun, marketing executive

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