Smart tips for increasing sales with web design

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Smart tips for increasing sales with web design

Improving website design can have a positive impact on sales. The online retailer now has more competition than ever before. Your website is only one of the 48 billion websites that Google has indexed. With such a large number to compete with, it is a must that e-commerce websites must identify ways through which to stand out, attract more customers and increase sales.

If your website is to increase sales, it must be well designed. The website must be easy to navigate considering that prospective customers might not have all the time to browse and keep navigating from one section or link to the next. A professionally and properly designed website helps a business by increasing sales because of the following reasons:

Enhanced User Experience

User experience can play a massive role in determining whether customers buy any product from a specific website or leave and make the purchase elsewhere. Therefore, the design of the website should encourage good user experience with an attractive landing page. The design should be simple and comes with straight forward web application if any. It should get rid of all the obstacles that might make customers leave or abandon whatever they planned to do at the website.

Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Performance

A poorly designed website often leads to tumbling SEO performance. In fact, it is much difficult for the SEO performance to pick up once it begins tumbling. The importance of user experience and web design is clearly visible from the fact that Google factors it in when doing rankings. If shoppers find your website unlikeable, search engines will also follow suit. If your competitors’ websites boast of improved SEO performance, they will attract the shoppers away from you.

A properly designed website makes work much easier for search engines. The search engines can not only find it with ease but also crawl through the website, thus ranking it accurately. If you want to see Google taking note of your website, focus on making it as easy to crawl as possible. Look at what your competitors have done with their websites. Avoid their mistakes and copy whatever it is that they are doing right.

Inspiring Users to Purchase

The goal of website’s design should be to encourage visitors to make purchases or place their orders. An inspired design will inspire visitors to make purchases or follow through on the call-to-action that you require of them. If the website has an uninspired design, do not be shocked to see visitors are not feeling inspired to make purchases or do whatever you expect of them. The inspired design will convince shoppers to stay and do their shopping therein.

A well-designed website should feature the following components:

  • Color Scheme, hence the importance of choosing colors that reinforce brand identity. Choose colors that resonate well with the target audience or market you want to serve with your services or products.
  • Header – ensure that the header is not only simple but also consistent with the visual appeal of the brand. Use the header to give the website as much personality as it requires.

Finally, ensure that the website is not only well organized but also consistent all through. Check that all the content are quality and add value to the visitors. The content must not only properly grouped, but also well organized throughout the website.