Tips for creating a great content marketing website

Updated on: 17 April 2018

One secret of success that most SEO consultants appreciate is the need for great content for higher SEO ranking. However, few of them realize that the results cannot be seen overnight; it requires time. New entrants into digital marketing want to put money today and get results tomorrow or in a couple of weeks. Well, while this could look like the ideal situation, it is not realistic. Because of this, it is only brands that appreciate the long-term focus on content marketing that ends up being successful.

Why content marketing?

If the results are not forthcoming that fast, why invest in content marketing? Why is content marketing the building block of digital marketing? The answer is because content marketing works.

Today, televisions allow people to skip commercials while other people use popup and ad blocking software in their browsers. As a result, companies are getting it extremely hard to reach the target audience. However, with content marketing, you are practical, deliver what clients need, get into their heads, and make them use every penny in the pocket.

Content marketing keeps off invasive and intolerable ads but delivers value and info that make clients keep coming back, make them more knowledgeable and boost conversions. Even though content marketing will cost you 60% less compared to outbound marketing methods, the results will be 3 times more.

Here are some of the important steps for successful content marketing in the long-term:

Begin by publishing great content regularly

If your brand or blog does not have a large following, build it by posting top-notch content regularly. This will benefit you in two ways; (i) Google gets more pages to index and rank the site higher (ii) you increase the brand content presence in SERPs making it easier to be found.

Make sure to optimize all content

Irrespective of everything that you do, all content goes through the same crawling and indexing process. Though there is not much to do about this, the best thing is optimizing all the content you create. Utilize Meta content, long tail keywords, alt info, images, and top quality links so that search engines can easily interpret your content.

Make quality the first goal and quantity the second objective

Even time you work on content; the main focus should be quality. At no time should quantity be the driving force because that would be the beginning of your brand downfall. Take time talking to followers to understand their issues and craft content that talks to them and offer actionable solutions.

Maintain complete patience and work progressively

Your patience is very important in any marketing effort online. With content marketing, a visitor might read a piece and use its recommendations to get results before coming back and shouting about your brand effectiveness.

A good example is a piece that gives solutions for weight loss. A visitor who checks on it will probably start implementing the results with little motivation. However, the moment results are evident in weeks or even months; followers will come flocking because the content is tested.

With the above tips, you are ready to create a great content marketing website!