Using Google Trends to gain competitive advantage in the market

Updated on: 19 October 2017

Google Trend users have continued to grow progressively in the last couple of years. Google Trends is a special tool used by webmasters for comparing trends and popularity of search terms. Because of its rich features, users can get a better understanding of the most recent trends to build competitive advantage for their brands.

The applications of Google Trends in online marketing are countless. In this post, we evaluate how Google Trends can be used to help brands win competitive advantage.

It assists brand managers better understand their target audience

Since Google is the largest search engine and very popular, many are the people who consider it an institution as opposed to a common marketing platform. Many people are turning this into a unique business advantage. Using Google appropriately will help your brand to assume the same revered status.

For Google users, the trend will help you understand how the niche has changed over time, where it is, and the actual brand position. By including a few phrases in the Google Trends, it generates full industry analytics such as graphs and charts that indicate changes over time. If you want the keyword to target a specific region, make sure to include the area name in the query.

This search will help you understand the way social media, pay per click, and SEO among other keywords performed for the last few years. From Google Trends, it is very easy to tell that that paid searches and SEO have emerged as more important options compared to email marketing. However, the graph will point to the growing social media popularity.

Utilizing Google Trends to select products for your online store

Unlike in the past, more people are embracing e-commerce to reach more clients and sell their products for longer hours. When you think of some of the top e-commerce stores like the Amazon, the first question that comes to the mind is where they source the large collection of products on their sales list. However, you can also get similar high-quality products by using Google Trends.

Google Trends will help you identify products that are in great demand and, therefore, recommended for stocking. For example, if a specific type of hair product is in demand, the best decision is stocking it because more clients will be asking about it and buying from you. Besides, Google Trends will also help you look at products with seasonal demand so that you can stock them in plenty. For example, visit the Google Trend to identify the right brand of suntan cream for summer.

Using Google trend to better understand industry competitors

Knowing your competitors is perhaps the most important step when drawing a marketing plan. By learning how competitors are performing and the strategies they are applying, a marketing manager can improve his strategies to win a bigger market share. On the Headlines Feature of the Google Trends, you can tell the main competitors and the strategies they use.

Google Trend is no doubt among the most important tools for understanding the market. In fact, you can even search for anything suspicious to open your marketing focus. Do not simply use searches on search engines, learn more from Google Trends to make more informed decisions.