What are the top SEO mistakes?

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What are the top SEO mistakes?

YouTube video

This video talks about the common and most frequent mistakes made by webmasters in SEO. Matt Cutts discussed and enumerated these mistakes and provided for solutions and alternatives to improve the website.

The video highlight the following points:

  1. One of the most frequent mistakes made by webmasters is not making their website crawlable by users. Oftentimes, the good content are hidden and are very hard to find for both Google and the users.
  2. Another mistakes commonly made by webmasters is not putting the write words in their sites. For example, they will put “Elevation of Mt. Everest” instead of “How high is Mt. Everest?” whereas the 2nd example will be the one which the users will type.
  3. There are also several webmasters of committing the mistake of not including all the features of the site. For example, a restaurant website should’ve included their menus, operating hours, locations, etc. in plain text instead of putting it in an attached PDF or doc downloadable.
  4. Most webmasters focus their mindsets on link building instead of putting a compelling content and employing marketing. In simple terms, most webmasters think of search engines instead of actually marketing their sites.
  5. Another mistake committed by webmasters is not putting a searchable title for their websites.
  6. Lastly, webmasters do not use tools provided by Google and other search engines to improve their sites.

In order to achieve better SEO ranking, you should

  1. Include a compelling content for the website instead of just focusing on link-building. Make sure that the words to be used are in casual form whereas it will match what the common Google user will search. For example, “What are the…?”, “How do…..”, “Why did….”,etc. Webmasters must put themselves on the shoes of the users and write what they are thinking and are going to search.
  2. Use guerilla marketing or any form of advertising which is interesting and will attract people to visit your site. It can be in a form of billboards, signs, printed materials, or public vehicle decals. If it is clever, it’s better.
  3. Make the website crawl-able which means that it can be easily accessed and not just redirecting to other random sites.
  4. Take advantage of the opportunities provided by Google and other search engines for the improvement of your site like the webmaster tools, tutorials in a form of articles, videos, blogs, etc.


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