What has having your own blog taught you about SEO?

Updated on: 5 November 2013

YouTube video

This video tackles the subject on what has blogging taught Matt Cutts (head of Google’s webspam team) about SEO. Through blogging, he was able to understand the mindset of webmaster and site owner better. He actually took to blogging to be able to express his thoughts and opinions about Google-related matters without having to worry of any edits. Matt Cutts also admitted that even newcomers to Google have the idea that they will be looking for all the bad stuff in the internet. With such a mindset, they have failed to realize that there is also tons of good stuff online. There are even those who consider people who aim to rank #1 in search engines as someone who is spamming or wants to spam.

This video highlights the following points:

  1. Blogging will help people comprehend the mindset of website owners and webmasters better. They want to rank high in search engines because they want the world to know that they are offering the best product or service or information.
  2. Blogging enabled the speaker to realize the importance of SEO in achieving a high page rank.
  3. It also made him realize that making a list got him more clicks. Lists such as “11 ways to build links” earned him more clicks and links.
  4. Keyword selection is focus on and how it helps drive more traffic to the site. Placing high-density keywords in your content title or domain name also makes your site ranks higher.

To achieve better SEO ranking you should:

  1. Creating lists will help you achieve better ranking and earn more clicks.
  2. High-density keyword placement is vital. Placing some in your domain name or title of article will bring in more clicks and enhance your page rank.
  3. Using specific words or phrases, which have been proven to be highly utilized in searching for your kind of business or industry, will drive more traffic to your site.