Why your website need a good landing page?

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Why your website need a good landing page?

Why your website need a good landing page

Web design requires creating a good landing page. Without a good landing page, you won’t achieve your goals where lead generation is concerned. Despite this, it’s shocking that many companies fail to give the landing pages the sort of attention and prominence that they deserve. Often, the homepage receives the most attention and focus. In fact, many business owners don’t even know the difference between landing pages and homepage.

Landing Page vs Homepage

To understand the difference between landing pages and the homepage requires consulting with a marketer and an expert web designer. As the marketer or web designer is likely to inform you, the homepage is where everybody who knows about your website will end up. Your regular and loyal customer is more likely to check in through the homepage. Therefore, the design of the homepage needs to be expertly done to show the loyal customer that you appreciate him.

However, a customer who ends up on the landing page has perhaps never heard of you. Such a new customer was probably doing something different thus came across a link that drove him to your website after clicking it. The part of the website that opens after clicking a link to the website from a different source of your online marketing campaigns is the landing page. If these groups of customers who end up on the landing page are to convert to loyal customers, you have to:

  • Convince them
  • Educate them
  • Make them feel comfortable
  • Make them believe and understand that you have the solution they need

Role of Landing Page

The landing page does two crucial tasks. First, the pages help you to inform your customers what you expect them to do. Next, the landing page is a tool for informing your customers why you want them to do specific actions. Homepages serve the masses. Landing pages are for specific customers. Homepages are crucial in bringing in direct traffic. Landing pages are crucial for controlling how visitors arrive at your site. Landing pages provide each customer with direction.

Features of the Landing Page

However, many people make mistakes thus negating the impressive work that a properly designed landing page should do. One of the common mistakes involves using a homepage as the landing page. Customers can feel lost at the homepage owing to the extensive messages that this part of the website contains. Furthermore, landing pages must have specific features that identify and make them unique as shown below:

  • Headline (sub-headline is optional)
  • A brief description entailing what the customers will find
  • A short video or image
  • Security badges, customer logos, and testimonials are optional
  • A form for capturing customer information

Landing pages shouldn’t have extra navigation. In fact, try to create landing pages that don’t have extra navigation. The objective of the landing page should be simple and clear. It’s advisable to eliminate or reduce the level of friction appearing on the landing page. Remember that the landing page is an important ally in marketing your business. Therefore, treat the landing page respectfully and ask the web designer to give it his all.