How to write a compelling email for your business?

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How to write a compelling email for your business?

How to write a compelling email for your business

In only a few years, email marketing has undergone complete transformation. The emails that you write for marketing your business don’t have to feature multiple bells and whistles to capture the attention of your customers. The email could simply be in plain text, but as long as it’s well written, you ought to wait for the desired results. The most important factor is the content quality of the email. Give customers the content they desire.

So, what should you do to write an excellent email for your online marketing campaign?

Focus on the Subject Line

The language that you use should be actionable. Once you get the subject line right, you’ll have taken the first step towards convincing your customers to read the email. The subject line captures your customers’ attention, thus making them to read what the email contains. You can be as creative as you want. For example, you could use “Grow your business by 250% today!” as the subject line of your email.

Personalised Email

Personalising the subject line is highly advisable. Personalising the emails include learning how to segment them. Your revenues will increase substantially by segmenting the emails. Segment your email list as much as possible. Find creative ways of making the subject line unique and more personal. The subject line of your marketing email requires more than inserting the first name of your customers.

Your goal is to make the subject line as clear and catchy as possible. Focus on making the subject line and content of the email as clear as possible. Don’t rush to create a subject line that places too much focus on entertaining your customers. The approach that you take when creating the subject line for your marketing email should follow this path:

  • Clarity
  • Catchy
  • Fun
  • Entertaining

Be Relevant

Writing a marketing email requires establishing relevancy, which is important for the subject line just as much as it is to the content. You should let your customers know the intention of writing the email on the first paragraph. When writing the email, use the second person. Avoid writing the email in the first or third person. Let the email highlight the benefits that the customer is likely to enjoy from using the product.

Avoid writing and sending emails that place too much attention on features of the product. This way, the customer or recipient understands why he needs the product or service. Today’s customers want to know the exact benefits they are likely to derive from using or investing in a particular product. Learning about the features of the product, rather than the benefits, will be of little help to such customers. It’s your duty to explain the benefits clearly.

Avoid Long Emails – 30 Seconds Rule

Lastly, avoid writing long emails. There’s a reason marketers make ads that don’t go beyond 30 seconds in length. You can only retain a customer’s attention for so long. If the email is too long, the customer is likely to leave reading and move to something different. Find the fewest words that you can use in writing the email and passing the right message to your customers.

Follow these guidelines and see your marketing emails producing amazing results.