3 key mistakes to avoid in mobile app marketing


In the last few years, mobile marketing has become the best platform to reach the target audience, communicate, socialize, share, sell, and grow the business. With a sharp shift from desktop browsing to mobile phones, clients find it easy to shop, watch television, and stay connected on social media. While it is no doubt one […]

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Jason’s website have several keywords on the 1st page of Google search!

Photo of Jason taking testimonial

Jason, a local business owner, wants to increase his online sales. He explored different options and find search engine optimization most suitable as he wants free and sustainable leads for his business. He googled for “SEO Singapore” and found Impossible Marketing‘s website ranking number 1 in Google organic search results. Feeling inspired, he decided to […]

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How to write a compelling email for your business?

How to write a compelling email for your business

In only a few years, email marketing has undergone complete transformation. The emails that you write for marketing your business don’t have to feature multiple bells and whistles to capture the attention of your customers. The email could simply be in plain text, but as long as it’s well written, you ought to wait for the […]

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Why local SMEs should never ignore social media marketing?

It is worth noting that 71 percent of online adults spend most of their time on Facebook. In the same vein, 23 percent of the same adults spend their time on Twitter. Remarkably, 26 percent spend their time on Instagram with a further 28 percent opting to be on Pinterest when online. As for LinkedIn, […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Invest In SEO

Search engine optimization has taken on added importance for businesses in recent years. Businesses that wish to exist on the cutting edge going forward will need to not only invest in search engine optimization, but also do so wisely. The following is a list a five specific reasons why your business needs to invest in […]

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“My website from nowhere to Google page 2 within 2 months” – Alvin

Alvin attended our SEO training 2 months ago. From no where to be found, his website is now on page 2. He is now working hard to push up his SEO ranking to page 1 of Google search. He appreciate our teaching and volunteer to give us a testimonial during his review. “My website got […]

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