5 ways to get more backlinks to your website

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5 ways to get more backlinks to your website

If you’re thinking of starting your own blog or website, or if you’ve recently done that, you’ve probably heard about backlinks. Backlinks is one of the most popular terms used in the realms of SEO yet it is a complicated concept that many bloggers and developers don’t use to their online marketing advantage. Essentially a backlink is an incoming link to your webpage, so if you’re referencing a site on something you’re writing, you will use to backlink to allow readers to go to that site directly if they so choose. Since generating backlinks is extremely important to the success of a site, here are 5 tips for doing it better and using them to your advantage.

Create lists and resource pages

If you want to grab the attention of social media sites, start with lists and documents people can go to in order to reference other things. This is a natural way to get others creating backlinks to your page, especially in the beginning when you’re searching for an audience. When the lists are easy to read and can be relevant in a number of social sites, it means more links and more clicks for you.

Write reviews

There are few things that grab people’s attention as quickly and easily as reviews. People want to gather as much information about things as they can, whether it’s a movie they’re thinking of seeing or a product they’re considering buying. Even if the task doesn’t particularly interest you, try writing a couple of reviews anyway. They are an easy way to generate backlinks.

Have people write reviews about you

Promote yourself! Reach out to other sites and bloggers within your realm and ask them to take a look at your site and post a review of it. That works two-fold to your advantage – it gets your brand out there and gets you on other people’s radar. Both are great for generating backlinks.

Guest blogging

Most people who are running their own blogs love to have someone else in the same field step in and share a different perspective with their readers. Volunteer to blog for someone else and backlink to your own content. That will start the ball rolling on getting more eyes onto your content.

Do interviews

Sensing a trend here? The best way to get backlinks is to get others involved. If you’re only sticking to yourself, your blog will just bounce around the people you know. But by expanding your blog to include others with similar interests and ideas, you are forcing your brand out into the open, inviting others who will appreciate your content in and making it a space people will want to backlink to on other platforms.