Ben talks about the additional business revenue after ranking page 1 on

Updated on: 30 June 2015

As a business owner, you always look for multiple ways to get more customers to increase your business revenue. The same goes for Ben. Ben attended our SEO training 6 months ago and started to optimize his website. With our proven SEO strategy, his business website is now ranked page 1 of (not He now enjoys free and unlimited leads to his website.

Picture of Ben taking testimonial
Picture of Ben taking testimonial

We recently caught up with him and he talks about the benefits of ranking on page 1 in Google and how much additional revenue it brought to his business. Click on video below to play his testimonial.

“Attending Impossible Marketing course 6 months ago….. My website is ranked at page 1 of and have generated new business revenue of USD $180,000.
– Ben, business owner

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