5 Best Live Streaming Influencers In Singapore – 2024

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Best Live Streaming Influencers In Singapore

5 Best Live Streaming Influencers In Singapore – 2024

Best Live Streaming Influencers In Singapore

Every scroll on social media these days is met with a new trend or talent, with live streaming influencers in Singapore taking over digital engagement. As we tap into our favourite apps and platforms, these influencers are shaping the online sphere, and then some – it seems these days they are redefining it with their innovative content, creativity, and charisma. From offering insights into niche interests and exploring the latest fashion trends to sharing daily adventures and dishing out the best meals, these content creators are capturing moments in real-time and creating narratives that resonate with audiences far and wide. With the rise of influencers on Instagram as of late, they make for indispensable allies for brands seeking to elevate their online presence.

Ever wondered who’s shaping the online scene in Singapore in 2024? Hold onto your screens as we take a look at 5 of Singapore’s best live streaming influencers today.

1. Rachell Ng (@aglimpseofrach)

Rachell Ng (@aglimpseofrach)

First on our list is Rachell Ng, a livestream influencer with over 39,800 followers on Instagram. Rachell engages audiences with her multifaceted content spanning fashion, beauty, and fitness. With a presence on platforms like Instagram, she offers a glimpse into her life alongside her partner and furry companion.

Rachell’s versatility extends beyond her digital persona, as she’s also a content creator, host, and financial advisor. Her passion for sharing her journey through platforms like TikTok and YouTube under the handle @aglimpseofrach shows her commitment to inspiring others in their pursuit of personal wellness and style. Her dedication to both her professional role and content creation is evident – when she’s not collaborating with brands to produce visually stunning social media content, you can find her designing personalised financial plans for clients.

2. Cheryl Chin (@cherb8ar)

Cheryl Chin (@cherb8ar)

Those familiar with the brand cclo-up might probably have heard of its founder, Cheryl Chin. However, there is more to Cheryl than being the entrepreneur behind cclo-up – she is a livestream influencer boasting over 127,000 followers on Instagram.

Beyond her role as a business maven, Cheryl is a devoted mother to her bundle of joy, little Elleria, whose presence brings boundless joy to her life. With a passion for sharing her expertise and insights, Cheryl extends her reach beyond Instagram, with audiences on TikTok and YouTube under the handle @cherb8ar. Through her engaging content, she provides glimpses into her life, seamlessly sharing about skincare, beauty, and music with her unique charm and authenticity.

3. Qiu Ting (@bongqiuqiu)

Qiu Ting (@bongqiuqiu)

Qiu Ting, better known as Qiu Qiu to her legion of followers, has evolved from her days as the host of Clicknetwork’s popular Budget Barbie series into a livestream influencer and public figure. Her Instagram account, with a dedicated following of 281,000, shows her roles as a proud mom, a connoisseur of all things beauty, and an avid explorer of food and travel destinations.

Scrolling through Qiu Ting’s feed, you’ll find candid snapshots of her family’s everyday moments, insightful reviews of the latest beauty must-haves, and escapades across the globe.

4. Jacelyn Phang (@jacelynphang)

Jacelyn Phang (@jacelynphang)

Next on the list is Jacelyn Phang, who currently has over 13,100 followers on Instagram. As the managing force behind her feng shui business @yuanzhongsiu.sg, Jacelyn brings forth her expertise as a feng shui guru and crystal expert to help individuals navigate the complexities of life, harmonising energies and unlocking auspicious pathways to success.

However, it is through her alter ego, the tarot love & career expert, that Jacelyn truly captivates her audience. Through her platform @tarot_with_jacelyn, she conducts live streams where she delves into tarot, unravelling the secrets of career, love, and destiny.

5. Valery Yeo (@valeryteddybear)

Valery Yeo (@valeryteddybear)

Valery Yeo is an influential livestream host known for her showcases of partnered brands on the popular e-commerce platform Shopee. With an impressive following of over 127,000 on Instagram, Valery has established herself as a prominent figure in live streaming and influencer marketing.

Through her live streams, Valery effectively connects brands with her audience, highlighting the features and benefits of various products in a relatable and authentic manner. Beyond live streaming, Valery is also active on social media platforms, where she shares glimpses of her life and interacts with her followers.

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