Digital marketing tips for winning over the teenage customer

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Digital marketing tips for winning over the teenage customer

The teenage consumer market is one of the most lucrative globally. A brand that captures a portion of this market is already assured of a loyal customer base for the coming years as long as it continues producing excellent products and offering great services. In this regard, digital marketers have to identify tools through which to appeal and connect with this segment of the market if it desires to enjoy long-term success and growth.

So, what approach should the digital marketing strategy be in order to get a foothold within this demography? If you want to connect with this demographic group, we suggest the following:

Work with them directly

Identify trendsetters within this demographic group and work with them as a way of reaching out to and connecting with teenagers. In fact, your online marketing strategy will be successful if you identify an ambitious teenager and employing him as part of the digital marketing team.

Select the right brand ambassadors

Not all brand ambassadors are in Hollywood. In the past, teenagers were spellbound at the Hollywood celebrities. The Internet is now full of influencers that you can approach and hire as ambassadors to enable your connection with teenagers.

Identify their favorite spots and hang out

Teenagers are active on specific platforms or social media sites. Find these platforms and use them to reach out to teenagers. Vine, Instagram, and YouTube present the three platforms that boast of a much larger number of teenagers. Snapchat and Tumblr are the other platforms.

Let them feel special

The need for affirmation among teenagers is just as high as it has ever been in the past. Let your digital marketing strategies make the teens feel affirmed and special. A simple like, favorite, retweet or comment on their posts on social media networks will do the trick.

Recognize peak shopping seasons

Teens love shopping during the months of May and June. Identify the other peak seasons among this demographic group. Use the information to prepare digital marketing campaigns that target teenagers and see their connection with your brand going up a notch higher.

Prepare and deliver age-appropriate messages

Identify teens that can help create the right content for your digital marketing ad campaign. Teens know what they need. Use the proper language for the ads by hiring teens who know what appeals to their age group. Let the teens take charge of delivering such quality teen-centered ads.

Avoid hard sell or talking down to them

Product-driven ads are not as popular among teenager as are lifestyle ads. Teens find ads that show them the greatness of a product more appealing than the ones that tell them about the product that a brand has to offer. Let the ad appeal to the teens’ eyes. Make it visually appealing.

Invest in photos

Teens love Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram for a reason – all these social media platforms are heavily reliant on images. Therefore, any digital marketing strategy that you come up with to target the teens must feature a healthy amount of quality and interesting images.

Focus on mobile

The digital marketing strategy targeting teenagers must focus on mobile. Businesses must learn to make their names and products visible on mobile devices. Businesses can do this by investing in mobile-friendly websites in addition to mobile apps.