Does the webspam team fight spam in non-US markets such as India?

Updated on: 2 September 2013

YouTube video

The video is talking about how Google web spam team check the links in non-English based websites from other countries for spams as an answer to a question of an anonymous subscriber. It was raised by the said subscriber that the quantity of spam websites in another language is prevalent in the Google searches. Google webmaster Matt Cutts discusses the efforts of engineers from the company to fight these junk sites and the current scope of web spam team in fighting these sites. Moreover, the internationalization of the algorithms to apply the same measures in filtering junk sites in non-US market like India is tackled.

The video highlight the following points:

1) Google employs both Engineers and manual web spam team that fights spams all around the world therefore emphasising the efforts done by the company in optimising the search results and eliminating the spam websites in any language in the world.

2) The web spam team internationalized the algorithms so that it will be easier for them to check for spams and to assure that the Google searches are free from junk sites.

3) English sites from the United States get a lot of attention from the web spam team because of the limitation of the Google Engineers in speaking foreign languages. However, as of now, people are employed to fight spams in 40 languages to improve the scope.

4) The participation of the users is very important to the web master team to improve their services through the feedbacks provided on the forum and those that are tweeted.

In order to achieve better ranking, you should

1) Give feedback to the Google Web Spam team by submitting a web spam report or through the Webmaster forum about the problems with regards to junk sites in the first page of Google searches. People are also free to tweet about their problems and it is much appreciated by the web spam team because it is essential in the improvement of the company and further helps the search engine to optimise its searches.

2) With the junk sites removed from the Google searches, the probability of getting better ranking is now higher because the competition will exclusively be only the legitimate sites and it all depends now on the SEO, content, and other features of the site.