Gary’s website from page 7 to page 2 in 1 month time.

Updated on: 10 March 2015

Gary runs a family business and he is always keen to learn about online marketing to expand his business. He realised SEO is the way to go as it can provide free and unlimited leads. He attended our SEO training 1 month ago and now his website manage to climb from page 7 to page 2. He is now pushing his website to page 1 and hopefully the number 1 position.

Let’s take a look at his video testimonial:

“Previously I was at page 6 or page 7 (where I could not even find my website). Until recently, I’m was at page 2. I hope that during this review when I realise my mistake, I can make myself improve even better and hopefully I can be at page 1 number 1.”
– Gary, runs a family business

YouTube video

Let’s recap Gary’s 1st testimonial right after the training.

“Alan is a very sincere guy. He genuinely wants to help. He does not keep secrets, he very open to his tactics…. Its very worth it!”
– Gary’s 1st testimonial to us

YouTube video